Residential Lettings

Caring for your investment

At Curran Property Management we will take the hassle out of letting your property. Our expertise and guidance will ensure that your investment is in safe hands.

What Curran Property Management can offer you?

Curran Property Management are specialists in Lettings and Managing residential property.


Viewing the property with potential tenants.


Collection and checking that tenant references are satisfactory. Collection of Rent and Deposit prior to the tenant taking possession of the property.


Drawing up the Letting Agreement (Lease). Completion of documentation as per Property Services Regulatory Authority and PRTB Supplying a detailed Rental Income Statement and expenses incurred.

Point of Contact

Curran Property Management will be the main point of contact for the tenant, rather than persistent calls to the landlord.

Checks and Inspection

Regular checks on the property throughout the letting term to ensure property is well maintained. Conduct a final inspection on expiration of the letting term.

Loyalty Bonus

We offer a reduced rate for lease renewals and for properties in developments managed by Curran Property Management.

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